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Surrounded by the Oxford Hills, an area steeped in the lore of Maine mining, The Raven Collections is surrounded by a world-renowned region of tourmaline and beryl. The shop is filled with a variety of Maine mineral specimens from all over Maine, as well as bringing minerals and fossils from around the world to Norway Maine.

Years ago, Darlene stumbled upon a rock shop in Portland Maine, run by David Pitt. There, she bought her first rough mineral specimen and began learning from David.

In the fall of 2003 owner Darlene Dadian-Gray and her husband Ernie Gray settled in the Oxford Hills, to live surrounded by the beautiful hills, lakes and forests of Western Maine. In 2013 they opened The Raven Collections in the historic Norway Opera House, with mentorship from David Pitt. They continue this association to this day, collaborating with David’s newest venture, The Hourglass Collection, a shop located in Hay on Wye in Wales, United Kingdom. 

Ernie and Darlene, similing towards one another against a woodland background. Darlene is laughing and looking at Ernie from the left, with her long dark hair down beside her shoulders and a purple scarf around her neck. Ernie looks back at her smiling towards the left, he has short dark hair, glasses, and a black sweatshirt on..jpg

"I have witnessed first hand the kindness and caring of small town living and the effort people are putting forward to shop local and support Downtown Norway. Without the continued support we wouldn't be here, and for that support I am truly thankful."  – Darlene Dadian-Gray

The Raven Collections pride themselves on their customer service. Serving customers of all ages, they enjoy starting children learning about rocks, minerals, gems and fossils as much as working with long-time collectors to find that special new specimen for their collection.


Looking for a gift? They carry a wide assortment of items, from crystals and specimens to jewelery and home decor. If your gift recipient is also a customer, you can work with Darlene to find an item that would fill a spot for that collector, based on her knowledge of their collection.


Have a question? If she doesn’t know the answer, Darlene enjoys exploring the topic with customers through her resources on rocks and minerals. Contact the shop here.

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